Miracles all around us

Catharijneconvent Utrecht | 2020

‘Miracles of all denominations
From Rembrandt to Marina Abramovic, artists have been inspired by miracles for centuries.
Catharijnevonvent pays tribute to these religious miracles, from far and nearby.’
Review by Chris Reinewald in Museumtijdschrift.

After the introduction room, the exhibition is divided into four themes and it concludes with the universe as a ‘show out’. Various audiovisual presentations supplement the content.

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Silodam Amsterdam

Refurbishment of apartment | 2019
The Silodam was built in 2002. It was designed MVDRV Architects. We have refurbished this apartment completely. This fully air-conditioned 90 m2 apartment is situated at the IJ-river close to the Central Station. It is divided over 2 floors connected by an open staircase. The entrance – the 1st toilet with storage – leads to the hall, dining room with open kitchen and sunny balcony on the 7th floor.

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Gods of Egypt

The National Museum of Antiquities | Leiden | 2018

Top pieces on exhibition about Egyptian gods in Leiden..

‘.. Such a layered exhibition also demands a special design. And the Amsterdam office Jowa has succeeded well. Through subtle changes in color and shape, the visitor always knows exactly where he is: in heaven, on earth or in the underworld. ‘

NRC Handelsblad 12 October 2018 *****

Graphic design: Rosmalen &

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National Trust – Dutch Masters from British Country Houses

‘Dutch masters of the Golden Age were extremely popular with the British aristocrats at the time. Often they have been hanging in the same place in their country houses for centuries. The Mauritshuis is now showing a selection for the first time. ‘

‘.. And so there is a special story to tell about every painting in this attractively designed exhibition ..’

Trouw 16 October 2018 ****

Architectenbureau Jowa has hidden the information and the maps indicating the locations of these country houses in deepened boxes not to divert one’s attention from the paintings.

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