Silodam Amsterdam

Refurbishment of apartment | 2019
The Silodam was built in 2002. It was designed MVDRV Architects. We have refurbished this apartment completely. This fully air-conditioned 90 m2 apartment is situated at the IJ-river close to the Central Station. It is divided over 2 floors connected by an open staircase. The entrance – the 1st toilet with storage – leads to the hall, dining room with open kitchen and sunny balcony on the 7th floor.

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Home and studio on the Vecht

Home and studio on the Vecht | Refurbishment and new construction | 2012
This countryside house was structurally refurbished in an earlier years.We designed in the style of the old house a new kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closets, fireplace and a new connecting staircase to the upstair study.

The studio is a completely newly built structure, including the port which was created as a basement for the two antique vases. The exterior matches the existing countryside house,

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Aquartis, Amsterdam

Aquartis, Amsterdam | Apartment renovation | 2008
The round corner table in this apartment links the kitchen with the living room. The large elevated couch has the appearance of a lounge sofa and is designed to have an optimal view of the Royal Tropical Institute and the Artis Zoo. For a spatial and floating effect LED strips were installed under the couch and the cabinets.
Photos: Michel Claus

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Exhibiton space, North-Holland

Exhibiton space, North-Holland | Renovation basement and interior design | 2008
An exhibition space at garden level in a former swimming pool was designed for a private art collection. The depth of the former pool has been used to the advantage of creating high walls, and there are storerooms behind these walls. The white walls, parquet floors and professional lighting enhance the museum-like atmosphere.
Photos: Architectenbureau Jowa

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